Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Devils

"All my life I have been lying. Even when I told the truth. For I never told the truth for its own sake, but only for my sake." Stavrogin, The Devils, Dostoyevsky
"Sin: anything you cannot do wholeheartedly."
Baal-Shem, founder of Hasidism
Warner, Terry, "Bonds that make us Free," 23

School and Education

the word educate is directly derived from the Latin word educare, which was constructed by combining the two words, ex and ducere. The literal translation of educate is to draw out of, lead out of, etc. The Romans considered educating to be synonymous with drawing knowledge out of somebody or leading them out of regular thinking. The Romans developed the noun, educatio from the verb educare.

School place of instruction," O.E. scol, from L. schola, from Gk. skhole"school, lecture, discussion," also "leisure, spare time," originally "a holding back, a keeping clear," from skhein "to get" + -ole by analogy with bole "a throw," stole "outfit," etc. The original notion is "leisure," which passed to "otiose discussion,